About us

Our Quality Guarantee

Our contractors work to industry accreditations and codes of practice to ensure all installations are completed in a safe fashion.

EMS Metering based in Sunderland providing engineering and metering services for the Energy Industry. 


These services include; 

  • SMETS 2 installation programmes

  • Industrial & Commercial meter removal and isolation

  • Debt management support including warrant work


All works are carried out by our fully accredited workforce, which operates UK wide from our base in Sunderland. 

Metering installation and exchange services

We support the removal and installation of all types of energy meters. We specialise in Industrial & Commercial installations, we provide;


  • End to end management of SMETS 2 exchange programmes

  • Exchange and removal of all types of gas meters

  • Exchange and removal of 3 phase electricity meters

  • Warrant compliance

  • Stock management

  • Asset tracking and logistics

  • Appointment planning and scheduling